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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

December 30

Another thing, one should not think "Because I am in Krsna consciousness, therefore oh, I shall not rise early in the morning." This is prescribed duty for one who is... No. You have to do that. Loka-sangraha. So he practically has no duty, but to show example to the general mass of people, he has got so many duties. Even Krsna. Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He was also going to a school to study. He accepted spiritual master. He was offering respect to His elderly brother in relationship. So he does not... A self-realized person is always engaged in Krsna consciousness, but he does not deviate with the prescribed duties also, because others will follow.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 3.18-30, Los Angeles, December 30, 1968


December 29

 For the time being, you are having little difficulty, so I think you will require the regulated household life as you are suggesting. But unless the basic determination to become successful in Krsna consciousness is there, any type of occupation or any place where you are serving Krsna will similarly become a source of restlessness and troubling of your mind. Therefore, my advice to you is simply this: that you search out in yourself whether that basic determination and faith in our Krsna consciousness program is strong in you, and whether if, by going here or going there or doing this or doing that, this determination and faith will be enhanced. Sometimes Krsna may put us into some difficulty just to purify us and force us to advance in Krsna consciousness. The devotee should always see his difficulty in this light, that Krsna is so kind upon me for creating this condition of struggling, thus He is relieving me of so many billions of lifetime of sinful reactions by this very insignificant and temporary condition of suffering something.

Letter to Vaikunthanatha, 29 December, 1972


December 28

I am glad that you have understood the importance of my books, therefore I am stressing it so much. Let everyone take these books. If he simply reads one page then he is getting something substantial, a real eternal benefit. Or if he hands it over to his friend and he reads one page the same result is there. So continue these festivals constantly and make them all Krsna Conscious. Overflood the whole country by this preaching work. Let the whole United States become Vaisnavas, then everyone else in the whole world will follow. That is my real ambition. Therefore your program is very glorious. This is really preaching.

Letter to Tamala Krishna Goswami, 28 December, 1974


December 27

The godless society, they are thinking that everything is being done by nature. Nature is there, but there is a controller of nature. Just like this electricity. Electricity is natural power but there is a powerhouse and there is a resident engineer. Similarly, everything supplied by nature, water supply, heat supply, air, so there is a controller and he is called demigod. They are all appointed servants by the Supreme Lord. It is simply foolishness that nature is working automatically. This is rascaldom. They do not know, the so-called scientists who are thinking that everything is going on automatically.

Letter to Mukunda, 27 December, 1972


December 26

Where is that body when I was a child? Where is that body when I was a boy? Where is that body when I was a young man? I have got my photograph, my studentship. Oh, Swamiji, you were like this? Where is that body? Where it has gone? So we are changing, but I am the same man. I am thinking, "Oh, in my childhood, I was doing like this. Oh, in my youthhood, I was thinking like this. In my boyhood, I did so many things." Now where those days gone? If my body, everything has gone away? It is simply remembrance. But still we are sticking to this body, and, when I ask you or when you ask me, "What you are?", I say something in relationship with this body. Are you not crazy? Can you tell, any of you, that you are not crazy? If you identify with something which you are not, then are you not crazy? So everyone who identifies with this body, he's a crazy man.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 9.34, New York, December 26, 1966


December 25

When one becomes Krishna conscious actually, he does not even hate material things because he becomes expert how to utilize everything for Krishna. Krishna Consciousness is so nice. We do not hate anything material because we have learned from our disciplic succession how to utilize material things for Krishna's service. Actually, bhakti means realization of the Supreme, and this means increasing attachment for Him and reforming of detachment or hating of material name and fame.

Letter to Sri Govinda, 25 December, 1972


December 24

 Aristocracy and respectability, these things were according to culture, according to education. But nowadays, what is that? Vittam eva kalau nrnam. If you get money somehow or other, then everything is there. You may be a third-class, fourth-class, tenth-class man, but if you get money some way or other, then you are very respectable. There is no question of your culture or aristocracy or education or knowledge. There is no, nothing. This is Kali-yuga. And then, dharma-nyaya-vyavasthayam karanam balam eva hi. And if you have got some influence, strength, then in your favor everything will be decided. You are the most irreligious person, but if you can bribe the priestly order, he will certify, "Yes, you are religious." So money, not actual qualification.

Lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.15.46, Los Angeles, 24 December, 1973


December 23

Regarding Boston and Harvard University Kirtana, I quite appreciate your noble activities. Our Kirtana movement is genuine, and if the unsophisticated students take it seriously, it will be a great achievement. I know that all these Bogus Yogis they are cheating the public, but at the same time your countrymen also want to be cheated. They are cheating the public by words of extravagancy, saying that anyone can meditate even he is a drunkard. These cheap words attract people and these rascals become popular. So we don't want cheap popularity.

Letter to Satsvarupa, 23 December, 1967


December 22

The whole problem is they are not following the regulative principles, that I can detect. Without this, enthusiasm will be lacking. Even mechanically following, and if he gets gradually understanding from the class, he will come to the point of spontaneous enthusiasm. This spontaneous loving devotional service is not so easy matter, but if one simply sticks strictly to the rules and regulations, like rising early, chanting 16 rounds, chanting gayatri, keeping always clean - then his enthusiasm will grow more and more, and if there is also patience and determination, one day he will come to the platform of spontaneous devotion, then his life will be perfect.

Letter to Karandhara, 22 December, 1972


December 21

Your second question about falling down from the brahmajyoti is answered that it is not that one must fall down, but that they generally fall down. There is a verse in Srimad-Bhagavatam, 10th canto, 2nd chapter, verse 26, which says: "My Dear Lotus Eyed Personality of Godhead, persons who are very proud of becoming one with the brahma effulgence and thereby consider that they have become liberated are factually in a contaminated consciousness on account of the absence of devotional service unto You. Such persons may rise to a high level of spiritual understanding as far as the impersonal brahmajyoti but on account of the lack of devotional service unto You, they generally fall down again into material contamination.''

Letter to Harer Nama, 21 December, 1968