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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

May 20

We are in so many ways indebted. Our obligations are there. But if one surrenders fully unto Krishna then he is no longer any more indebted to all these obligations. He is immune. At one stroke he becomes liquidated from all obligation. Krishna is Mukunda. Mukunda means one who can offer you liberation from this material bondage.

New York, May 20, 1966

May 19

Krishna is within your heart. If you kindly continue to hear about Him, as you are doing, then Krishna will be very much pleased, "Oh, this person is now interested in me.” Because nobody's interested in Krishna, so Krishna is also silent to them. But as soon as you become interested, oh, Krishna becomes very active, "Oh, he's trying to do something. I shall help him."

Los Angeles, May 19, 1972

May 18

Now I have come back to my home, Vrindavana. If anything should go wrong, at least I will be here in Vrindavana. Vrindavana is for residence, Bombay is office for organization, and Mayapur is for worship of the Supreme Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Letter to Gurukripa, May 18, 1977

May 17

If death takes place, let it take here. There is nothing to be said new. Whatever I have to speak, I have spoken in my books. Now you try to understand it and continue your endeavor. Whether I am present or not present, it doesn't matter. As Krishna is living eternally, similarly, living being also lives eternally. But "one who has done service to the Lord lives forever." So you have been taught to serve Krishna, and with Krishna we'll live eternally. Our life is eternal. A temporary disappearance of this body doesn't matter. Body is meant for disappearance. So live forever by serving Krishna.

Vrindavan, May 17, 1977

May 16

When we are spiritually perfect we develop the spiritual form to live eternally in the spiritual world. In the spiritual world there are exactly the same things as we see here, namely the land, water, trees, birds, beasts, human beings, etc., and all of them are spiritual as all the varieties here are material.

Letter to Gurudas, May 16, 1970

May 15

If you get one thousand of rupees, ten rupees is already there. If you get Krishna then you get all perfection.

Hrishikesh, May 15, 1977

May 14

Krishna's Lila in Vrindavana is prakata or manifest Lila, and the same is going on eternally in the spiritual realm, which is known as aprakata or nonmanifest. Krsna's planet and Krsna's pastimes are going on eternally, and the same is manifested before the conditioned souls at certain intervals, once in one day of Brahma, exactly as the sun is visible for 12 hours once in a 24 hour cycle of day and night. When the sun is visible it is called prakata, and when the sun is not visible that is called aprakata or unmanifested. Nonmanifested therefore does not mean there is no existence, but the terms are used in relation to the visibility or nonvisibility to the limited conditioned souls.

Letter to Syamasundara, May 14, 1970

May 13

The soul already has a spiritual body, which material body covers. My material body grows upon me – my spiritual body – but my material body is unnatural. The real body is spiritual. I am accepting various bodies that position is to be the servant of Krishna.

Los Angeles, May 13, 1973

May 12

"Just work in such a way that God may see you." This is the Krishna consciousness movement. Everyone is busy to see God. Of course, it is not so easy to see God. But a devotee is not busy to see God, but he wants God to see him.

Bombay, May 12, 1974

May 11

Bhagavad-gita says that you can directly transmigrate to any species of life you like, according to your efforts. Sometimes I travel to America, sometimes to Australia and sometimes to Africa. The countries already exist. I am simply traveling through them. It is not that because I have come to America, I have created or become America. And there are many countries I have not yet seen. Does that mean they do not exist? The scientists who support Darwin are nonsensical. Bhagavad-gita clearly says that all the species exist simultaneously, and that you can go to whichever species you like. You can even go up to the kingdom of God, if you so desire. All this is declared in Bhagavad-gita by Lord Krishna.

Los Angeles, May 11, 1973