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February 6

It is said by Canakya Pandita that if you want worldly happiness, then these things are required. Murkha yatra na pujyante. Don't worship rascals and fools, murkha. Murkha yatra na pujyante dhanyam yatra susancitam:(?) "And food grains are properly stocked." That is the Vedic civilization, that you work for three months, not very hard, simply till the ground and sow some food grain seed, and within three months it will grow, and you will have ample food grains, and you'll keep it in stock. And keep some cows. Dhanena dhanavan. They say that a rich man means one who has got sufficient stock of food grains. Food grains. Dhanena dhanavan. That is Vedic economic system.

Lecture on Bhagavad-Gita 16.10, Hawaii, 6 February, 1975