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July 27

Prabhupada is saying that one who is steeped in the mode of ignorance is like the inactive fool. The inactive fool thinks, "Yes, I am satisfied, things are OK. I am satisfied with my ignorance. I am satisfied being inactive, there is nothing I am doing. I am just satisfied living like this. I am not influenced by the mode of ignorance." But the mode of ignorance is manifested by darkness, inertia, madness and illusion. What is the symptom of passion? The symptom of passion is intense hankering in fruitive activity, always hankering for some result. When one comes to the stage of steady devotional service, this influence of the modes of ignorance and passion, is virtually nonexistent. That is the symptom of steadiness in devotional service, that there are no symptoms of the influence of the modes of nature.

June 15, 2014, Carpathian Festival in Ukraine, S.B. 1.2.19